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To maintain your body healthy is a sign of gratitude towards the whole cosmos
- the trees, the clouds - everything.
Thich Nhat Hanh

Lya Saaek
ear acupuncturist
Iyengar Yoga teacher

Loving life
My relationship with nature is an all-embracing love affair from the tiniest beetle to the tallest mountain range, awakening my curiosity and desire to explore and enjoy. What could be more to the point than exploring your own body and inner universe through different yoga poses and thus experiencing and realizing your self.
Iyengar Yoga
Iyengar Yoga has been a part of my life for the past 20 years and has given me an extensive knowledge of teaching classes at different levels and also in creating specific programs for home practice to meet your individual needs.
Organic food
It’s well known that body and mind are indivisible; what we take in as images, sounds, feelings, thoughts or food and drink is reflected at different levels of our being. Likewise, what we excrete or throw away as waste, affects our surroundings. Therefore, I see organic food as essential to the creation of healthy individuals in a fully diversified and dynamic world.

Imbalances are unavoidable along the way for every one of us, and may be handled in different ways - one of them being through diet and optimization of our digestive systems. Our diet and ways of producing food are primary areas, which we must consciously balance to meet our physical needs.
On my own inner journey of discovery, I have met obstacles that could only be overcome via posturology. Posturology is a fascinating science that covers the exploration of one of the countless aspects that characterizes us as human beings; that we stand and walk upright.
Ear acupuncture
Our ear is a universe in itself - just like the tongue, eye, hands and feet, the ear mirrors the inner processes of the body through specific signs, giving access to the information circuits of the nervoussystem and the complex interactions of the brain.
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Treatments with posturology, ear acupuncture, diet-guidance and private sessions of Iyengar Yoga take place in Malling.


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