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Iyengar Yoga


The clear surface of a lake reflects the surrounding beauty.
When the mind is calm the beauty of the Self is revealed.

BKS Iyengar


Yoga is a several thousand years’ old philosophy and spiritual path walked upon by millions of people in their search for harmony between themselves and the cosmos.

Incorporated in this philosophy, which also is called the eight-fold path; ashtanga yoga, is a physical training system; hatha yoga, which aims to cleanse and control the body and mind and keep them both connected and healthy through the practice of various poses/asanas to awaken the awareness to pure consciousness.

Putting Yoga into words is just as impossible as describing the smell of a rose. Yoga has to be lived and experienced just as the rose must be sensed and enjoyed.

Iyengar Yoga involves all 8 limbs - meditation occurs during the execution of the different poses: through practice it is possible to be fully concentrated and aware – totally present - in any asana. Seen in a broader perspective, the aim is to allow this awakened awareness to spread from the yoga mat into all of one’s daily tasks: To do what you do anyway, fully conscious and connected to your inner self.

Iyengar Yoga is distinct from other branches of hatha yoga, in that it lays strong emphasis on the anatomy of the body, so that the joints are not overloaded and the bones bear the weight of the body. Many standing asanas form part of the system, building up strength and grounding. Much importance is also laid on comprehensive and precise instructions to raise the intelligence of the body creating a stable pose and keeping the mind focused.

Different kinds of props; belts, wooden blocks, blankets, bolsters, chairs etc. are involved to a certain degree enabling one to stay in a pose for a longer period of time without strain, thus gaining a deeper opening of the body and catering to all the individual needs of the students.

Iyengar Yoga is built on a deep experience-based knowledge on how to sequence the asanas to obtain specific physiological and psychological effects – which can also be used therapeutically.

To conclude, Iyengar Yoga is a vigorous type of yoga that strengthens the muscles, bones and joints, stretches the body and mind, cleanses and stimulates the vital inner organs, awakens the mind and breathing, relaxes the nervous system and raises the intelligence of the body. It’s a perfect supplement to goal-oriented sport and to different kinds of self development or meditation.

Iyengar Yoga is the most wide spread yoga system in the world and has been developed by BKS Iyengar.


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