Indre Styrke: Lya Saaek


Let your food be your medicine and medicine your food.



You become what you eat

We are what we eat - a truth with modifications. We are also what we take in with our senses: light, colors, sounds, touch and not least - what we think and feel. Everything influences the condition of our bodies and minds. When an imbalance occurs, it is essential that we act in as many ways as possible - our food is a nice concrete, delicious and important place to begin!

There is no doubt that if you wish to maintain a good health, you must find out how the food you eat has been produced. It is then even more important to act from this knowledge  – action speaks louder than words.

Organically grown

Conventionally produced food uses artificial fertilizers, a variety of poisons, hormones, medicine - destroying our ground water and the quality of our top-soil. The diversity of plant-life, insects, birds and animals is dramatically reduced and animals used in the production live in constant fear and pain.

Bio-certified and bio-dynamically-certified food strengthens our life force, enriching our environment and our lives and our planet in every way. It costs a little more but it’s a healthy investment, saving us money in the long run.

Apart from the food tasting better, we know that by paying a fair price, we take care of our Earth, our drinking water and the animals – with great spiritual and physical benefits.

Changing eating habits

If you can't cope with this huge amount of information about correct nutrition or gradual changing your habits, I will be happy to guide you. In the end however, it is essential that you use your common sense and make your own decisions based on your own experiences. When your gut feeling tells you what to do next, the greater the motivation and subsequent effect.

From your story we find out what will be the healthiest for you in your present condition and at the same time, where it will be most manageable and realistic to begin.




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