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Iyengar Yoga retreat with Paolo Rava and Lya Saaek

An invitation to Bionaz to the Iyengar Yoga Seminar from 18th to 25th of July 2014 led by Paolo Rava Intermediate Junior II and Lya Saaek Introductory II.

The theme for this week will be reaching down into our feet; grounding, and centering to obtain the perception of our selves.

We rise from the soles of our feet and from there carry the spine and bring forth our spirit.

We will learn to support the spinal column in the standing, sitting, forward bending poses and especially during back bends to protect and keep it safe; to reach a feeling of stability and freedom.

Paolo and Lya will lead the participants through the learning and practice of asanas during the daily yoga sessions and on optional hikes in the surrounding mountains, which are among the most beautiful, isolated, and wild in the Alps.

The workshop embodies how yoga complements mountain hiking, by creating a spiritual and physical mood conducive to mountain hiking in a non-competitive way. The silent observation of the nature on the hikes is a natural continuation of the listening inwardly during the yoga practice.

The seminar takes place at the hostel La Batise in the small alpine village of Bionaz in Valpelline, Aosta. Nonresidential participants are also welcome. The lessons are taught in two levels; beginners and intermediates (minimum practice of Sirsasana; 5 minutes).

Friday 18th  

18:00                                   Arrival

Saturday 19th - Thursday 24th

  7:00 -   9:30                      Yoga lessons

10:00 - 17:30                      Breakfast and free time for hikes and excursions

17:30 - 20:00                      Yoga lessons

Friday 25th

  7:00 -   9:30                      Yoga lessons

10:00                                   Breakfast, clearing the yoga room, departure

Price: 450 Euro including all yoga lessons, accommodation, breakfasts, dinners, and optional excursions. Accommodation will be in rooms with several beds in the hostel La Batise.

Paolo Cell +393386658053 +3165744419 Tel 390119681179

Lya Saaek: Cell +45 24270450  

Opdateret 3. April 2014


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